[ubuntu-uk] Re: [breezy] How to start / autostart leafnode?

David M lists2006 at viewport.ukfsn.org
Sat Feb 25 19:11:34 GMT 2006

Derek Broughton wrote on 25/02/2006 12:47:52-0400
 about: Re: [breezy] How to start / autostart leafnode?

> David Marsh's listreading hat wrote:
> > However, when it comes to leafnode, I don't know how to start it!
> Under these circumstances, I'd simply do:
>   aptitude reinstall leafnode
> which should fix all your problems, 

Thanks, I've now tried this, which hasn't solved my problem but has
written a line for leafnode into /etc/inetd.conf (exactly as you noted
elsewhere in your message), which I think was an (entirely) empty file

> if you have a backup of your actual leafnode data and filters.

Sadly, the Ubuntu installer point-blank *insisted* I nuke /var before
letting me reinstall. :-(

Oh well, at least (recent) news is easily recoverable..

> It runs from inetd when you connect to the nntp port, and it's
> updated from cron, running "fetchnews" and "texpire".

I see.. I didn't realise that leafnode required inetd. I'd have thought
that it would automatically have installed it as a dependency if so..?

Does it matter whether it's inetd or xinetd?
Ubuntu seems to prefer xinetd as it's in main, whereas inetd
(inetutils-inetd) is only in universe..

Thanks for your help,


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