[ubuntu-uk] [breezy] How to start / autostart leafnode?

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Sat Feb 25 15:31:40 GMT 2006

Unfortunately, I had to reinstall Ubuntu from scratch [1] and now I'm
going round reinstalling all the extra software that I'd had installed.

[1] caused by my increasingly unreliable hardware, I suspect..

However, when it comes to leafnode, I don't know how to start it! (Or
at least, I can't remember from last time; I really should write down my
notes more often, although I don't recall having any problems with
this last time..).

There isn't an entry for leafnode in /etc/init.d/ and if I simply try
to run 'leafnode' as root, while it seems to start (it displays a
startup message), if I try to run my newsreader (slrn), I get the
following error message:

Using newsrc file /home/david/.jnewsrc for server localhost.
Connecting to host localhost ...Unable to make connection. Giving up.
slrn fatal error:
Failed to initialize server.

Similarly, 'telnet localhost 119' produces:

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

There is an appropriate entry in /etc/hosts.allow:

#-- leafnode begin
#-- leafnode end

I'm afraid I don't have any further ideas of what to investigate. Does
anybody know why this is happening, how I can resolve this, and also
what The Ubuntu Way is to have leafnode start automatically on boot?

Thanks for any advice,


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