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Dave Ewart davee at sungate.co.uk
Tue Dec 26 20:01:15 GMT 2006

On Sunday, 24.12.2006 at 23:16 -0000, Jonathan Lees wrote:

> The problem will never be resolved if non teachers can't see it from
> the teachers point of view, managing a class of 31 students all with
> different abilities working at different paces and keeping to
> government guidelines as to what they should be taught and get them
> through SATS tests in ICT too. With no OO resources for teachers how
> can they be expected to teach it?

I think you're missing the point.  Also, I'm not blaming teachers.

I'm not suggesting that the kids be taught OO (I assume you mean Open
Office).  OpenOffice is an *alternative* to MS Word, but we shouldn't
really be aiming for 100% OpenOffice use anyway.

If the National Curriculum states: "Kids must be trained to use MS Word"
(broadly) then I believe that it is misguided.

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