[ubuntu-uk] Request for Charitable suggestions.

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Wed Dec 20 14:08:44 GMT 2006

As some are already aware we recently Auctioned off one of the TShirts 
from the Linux World Expo


The funds from the auction were paid to Children In Need and It was 
mentioned in  a previous UKTeam meeting that we should consider defining 
at least 1 Charity which the UKTeam would be prepared to raise funds 
for  in the future. I raise this question because I want to avoid having 
a debate about something at a time at which it might be better to be 
getting things done. To this end I would like to invite readers of this 
list [1] to put forward their suggestions for Charities which could be 
supported by the UKTeam in the future. Suggestions so far have 
encompased  NSPCC, BIBIC, the EFF and the FSF.

It has been suggested that we support a Charity related to Open Source 
and its up to everyone to consider what they want out of the opportunites.

My personal preference is to support a well known charity which has a 
lot of clear public awareness such as BBC Children In Need, NSPCC or 
RSPCA. My preference for Children In Need is that we can match up the 
Annual fund raising event with our own activities which create a 
opportunity to get news about open source into more main stream news 
outlets who will be covering the events each year.

So over to everyone else :

Nik Butler

[1] Mr Price would you please point me in the best direction to post 
this on the forums if you feel it can bare repeating ?

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