[ubuntu-uk] Minutes from the UKteam Meeting 19th December 2006.

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Wed Dec 20 13:46:00 GMT 2006

Good afternoon everyone.

For your information here are the minutes from the recent  UKTeam ( now 
formally approved ) held on the evening of 19th December 2006. It was 
chaired , in my absence , by Seeker` ( Chris ) and a complete log of the 
conversation is avialable on line at :   
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/MeetingNotes/20061219Meeting .

The minutes are as follows.

Screencast project (part 1) It was decided that the UKTeam should 
continue producing Screencasts, and that an attempt should be made to 
distribute them to the wider community. It was agreed that NikButler 
should liase with the LoCo Team to determine whether there are currently 
any efforts in any other LoCos to provide Screencasts in different 

Charities NikButler was not present to update us on the status of the 
action agreed on at the last meeting. There was some discussion about 
which charities should be chosen, with several suggestions including 
NSPCC, BIBIC, the EFF and the FSF. It was also suggested that we should 
focus on open source based charities. It was decided that the type of 
charity, and specific choices, should be discussed further on the 
mailing lists or wiki

The Role of Ubuntu-uk.org It was decided that the Ubuntu-uk.org site 
should contain finalised and polished copies of wiki articles (i.e. a 
snapshot of the wiki page) to try and give a more professional 
appearance. A process for adding pages to Ubuntu-uk.org needs to be 
defined at a later date.

How we got involved in FOSS Members should try to include a section on 
how they got involved in the FOSS community on their wiki page. A new 
wiki page should be created that contains links to the relevant section 
in each members wiki to provide newcomers with an idea of what paths are 
open to them.

Screencast project (part 2) After AlanPope joined the meeting it was 
decided to revisit the topic of Screencasts. The consensus was that more 
people should be involved with creating screencasts, but people did not 
know how. AlanPope volunteered to write a HOWTO and make a screencast of 
"How to make a screencast". MatthewEast suggested that the screencasts 
should somehow be linked to the Ubuntu documentation project (see 
timestamp [23:22:01] in the IRC log), and volunteered to speak to the 
relevant groups to see how this could be done.

Ubuntu-uk pastebin The idea to set up an ubuntu-uk pastebin was rejected 
on the grounds that it would probably not get enough use to make it 
worth it. MatthewEast will chase up information about a possible 
Ubuntu-wide pastebin.

EDM179 It was agreed that we should discuss how to follow up a request 
to sign this EDM at the next TeamUK meeting.

Mentoring Due to a lack of time, the possibility of setting up a 
mentoring scheme will be added to the agenda for the next meeting

The meeting concluded with the agreement that the  next meeting would be 
held on 9th January 2007 at 2130 GMT.

Again Id like to say thank you  to everyone who turned up and continue 
to be involved in the activities of the UKTeam.

Nik Butler

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