[ubuntu-uk] Upgrading My PC

Tez binary_y2k2 at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Dec 17 03:04:48 GMT 2006

Andrew Gee wrote:
> I'm going to be upgrading my PC this Christmas.
> Currently running a Pentium 4 Box 3.0ghz.
> Upgrading to a Core2 Duo E6600.
> Could it be at all possible to get away with just transferring the hard
> drive with ubuntu across, or will I have to go for a clean install?
> I'm guessing clean install, but it'll save my time if I don't have to :-p
> Thanks!
> Andrew Gee
> andrew at webspot.co.uk
> http://www.webspot.co.uk
Linux should be fine with just moving the disk over.
The only problem you'll get is if you change the partitioning scheme or
change network cards. Then you'll just have to edit grubs menu.lst and
fstab to reflect the changes in partitioning, and edit the network
settings if the network card changes.
But Linux can deal with hardware changes well, that's why it's possible
to make Live CDs


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