[ubuntu-uk] dapper kubuntu - dial up external modem configure?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sat Dec 16 23:50:41 GMT 2006

I need to configure a dial up modem - not an internal winmodem but a
serial connected external modem. I am unfamiliar with kppp and am not
having much success so far, although I am putting in the sort of obvious
entries with my limited knowledge.

If anyone is familiar with this method I would be grateful for some 
hand holding.

(I am used to kinternet in my suse days which seemed to be very easy
but I cannot see kinternet with kubuntu repositories)

The machine is normally used with a lan (adsl router) connection to
internet, but I know that, at least with suse, I can have dial up
running concurrently.

I can get as far as hearing the modem dial out, and also hear the
response from the isp (waitrose), then the log indicates that 
something is hanging or whatever-

ATDT0844 056 7100
CONNECT 115200

('starting pppd')
(logging onto network.....)

(my comment - looks like it is hanging here with pppd not starting and 
no sign of logging onto network)

(The ppd daemoin diesd unexpectedly, Exit status 1) -
Dec 16 23:43:50 mesh-pc pppd[5249]: The remote system is required to 
authenticate itself
Dec 16 23:43:50 mesh-pc pppd[5249]: but I couldn't find any suitable 
secret (password) for it to use to do so.
Dec 16 23:43:50 mesh-pc pppd[5249]: (None of the available passwords 
would let it use an IP address.)

alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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