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Andy stude.list at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 15 21:03:36 GMT 2006

On 15/12/06, Caroline Ford <caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com> wrote:
> They think that we need to educate children on what they will use in
> the work place - which to be honest is all windows.
The workplace will use whatever people are educated in.

> I've been advised at College, and in careers advice places, that I
> should study Microsoft qualifications as in the real world Microsoft
> dominate, *on the server*. I was told Unix is dying out..
Unix is going to die, but it will be replaced with Linux, NOT Microsoft.

In my house there are probably a number of Linux systems.
This PC runs Linux (yay me), the router runs Linux, yay router, I have
no idea what the set top box uses, but I suppose it could be Linux.

If they tell you that Linux is not being used and you should learn
Windows then you should know they are lying!!!
I was in the office of a guy who did research into DSP (Digital Signal
Processing), and told me that if I knew Linux I could expect a
significantly higher starting salary.
I also noticed his book shelf was dotted with books about Linux.

I found it quite interesting he was having to get his head around
Linux now as it was essential to what he was doing, appears the
educational establishments failed him.

As someone who was first introduced to Linux in University I am happy
to say a step is being taken in the right direction, however its not
far enough in my view, some departments, who I have to submit work to
insist on Microsoft formats.
The University insists on using Microsoft VPN technology and requires
10 working days to answer any query about Linux based systems.

If you work in an non-high tech industry then its not important, you
can use either Windows or Linux.

If you work in high tech industry its going to have to be Linux (or
Unix style) OS.

I have worked for a company in the past that had a similar issue, all
the developers had Linux boxes, it was essential to the work being
HR and Management had Windows boxes, was there a killer application
they needed, not really, but if you stick someone who has invested
time in learning Microsoft tools they may not adapt easily.
Personally I know both Windows and Linux, my Uni forces me to use

I am also working on a University project which is using an embedded
system, guess what OS that is running? Linux.

To say we can't teach people Linux and Free/Open Source software
because it isn't used is rubbish.

_ Andy

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