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Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Dec 15 18:26:48 GMT 2006


Caroline Ford wrote:
> On 14/12/06, Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk> wrote:
>> I also think that many schools may have the mentality that Windows is used
>> world wide so we need to do the same!
>> Regards,
>> Tony.
> They think that we need to educate children on what they will use in
> the work place - which to be honest is all windows.

I've heard that at my University too! It is, of course, a self
fulfilling prophecy! If we only educate people in Windows that is what
they will push for when they get into the big wide world. If we teach
them other system such as Linux, then maybe this will filter into the
big wide world eventually.

> I've been advised at College, and in careers advice places, that I
> should study Microsoft qualifications as in the real world Microsoft
> dominate, *on the server*. I was told Unix is dying out..

The biggest University in the country has just spent many millions of
pounds replacing their business system (e.g., HR/Payroll, finance,
student records etc) and they are all Unix based (not Linux, but Unix)!
I'd hate to have to tell them that this is all dying out and they've
wasted their money:-)

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