[ubuntu-uk] Kernel upgrade

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Fri Dec 15 02:09:38 GMT 2006

Keith Bowerman <keith at grumpyface.me.uk> writes:

> On booting up Edgy a couple of hours ago I was advised that there were
> 10 updates available to me, mainly upgrading the kernel.  I dutifully
> downloaded them and following the usual instructions rebooted the
> machine, except that I couldn't, the loader got no further than
> 'loading kernel' and then just stalled.  I had no choice but to switch
> of the computer (which is a Linux only machine, with various different
> distributions).  On switching back on, my computer made different from
> normal beeps, and wouldn't even load the bios, in effect leaving me
> with a dead computer as I can't now boot into the bios.
> Can anyone suggest what's going on and, better still, how to fix it?

This is a hardware or firmware problem, and likely only coincidental to
the kernel update.  When was the last time before that you booted the

Anyway, as pointed out you may have luck disconnecting all power cables
for a few minutes[1].  That will allow all the stored charge to
dissipate and force the system to reset.

In most cases that will resolve the fault and allow you to continue.

If that fails consult your motherboard manuals for a CMOS reset jumper
and try that.  If that doesn't help you have, sadly, a need to replace
some faulty hardware component of yours system.

The Linux kernel cannot, normally, cause any damage that would prevent
you getting as far as the BIOS.  Anything that it /could/ do will
definitely be reset by running the power completely down.


[1]  Hitting the power button with them unplugged can help speed this
     process by draining the capacitors faster.

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