[ubuntu-uk] Kernel upgrade

Michael Wood admin at x3n.me.uk
Fri Dec 15 01:38:57 GMT 2006

Keith Bowerman wrote:
> On booting up Edgy a couple of hours ago I was advised that there were
> 10 updates available to me, mainly upgrading the kernel.  I dutifully
> downloaded them and following the usual instructions rebooted the
> machine, except that I couldn't, the loader got no further than
> 'loading kernel' and then just stalled.  I had no choice but to switch
> of the computer (which is a Linux only machine, with various different
> distributions).  On switching back on, my computer made different from
> normal beeps, and wouldn't even load the bios, in effect leaving me
> with a dead computer as I can't now boot into the bios.
> Can anyone suggest what's going on and, better still, how to fix it?
> Keith.
If it's not getting as far as the bios then it isn't a kernel issue, as 
it wouldn't have even initiated the hard disk at that stage.

likelihood is that you've not shut down your pc in a while or often ? 
and it's isn't liking the cold start.

like Leon said, try actually disconnecting it from the power for a bit 
and let it discharge then try again.

Reboots do generally put small strain on the electronics so if you're 
still having problems you might consider removing bits of hardware and 
testing them to see if they're causing a problem - this includes the 
motherboard battery.

sometimes computer hardware has a mind of it's own and won't work one 
day and will work another. I've had my PC that i built decide it doesn't 
want to boot up at all, i spent ages trying to find the problem and 
couldn't find it. Then when I was about to decide some major component 
was broken It booted up fine... so try reverse sociology :)

Good luck.

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