[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu FTW

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Tue Dec 12 09:40:04 GMT 2006

Sub7 wrote:
> When i say hundreds, i mean 140, but the software was already provided 
> he just had to install it :P.
That sounds a trifle excessive... are you sure he didn't also train them 
in the software and/or upgrade their PCs to run it etc. at the same time?

Onsite training isn't cheap - and quite fair that is too.  If a plumber 
can charge you £50/hour to fix a pipe why should a PC trainer charge any 
less to come to your site, install new software and then train your 
staff in the use of it.

Of course, I don't know the details but if he charged £140 just to put 
in a CD and then hit <next><next><next> and the customer *paid* him it 
then I am relocating down there post haste to start up my own business 
in competition... being a not-for-profit type of fella I'd do it for 
£135, lol ! ;-)

Okehampton, did you say?  Yes, definitely.... get the cream teas 
ready... I'm on my way ;-)
> I have seen the opendevon website, it's pretty cool. I should get in 
> contact with these people i guess, maybe they would come and speak at 
> this thing!
It's pretty embryonic (http://opendevon.org.uk ?).  Perhaps you could 
help them with it at the same time?  Looks like they're in need of a 
webmaster... probably got quoted a price of £3,000 for a three page site 
by your mate in the Computer Shop, lol!! ;-)


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