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Sub7 krazyjakee at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 09:16:04 GMT 2006

With property prices around here i should think your tuppence worth is
completely valid.

It's just the way he does it i guess, bringing two unpriced kettle leads and
telling me 15 quid, he just turned evil in my mind :P.
When i say hundreds, i mean 140, but the software was already provided he
just had to install it :P.

Enough about him tho, i just want to get this conference up and running, we
have 3 super-supermarkets in our town so it's not small, Okehampton in north
I have seen the opendevon website, it's pretty cool. I should get in contact
with these people i guess, maybe they would come and speak at this thing!

Thanks for your replies, i love the ubuntu-uk community.
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