[ubuntu-uk] Software compatability & modems

Dave Briggs d at vebrig.gs
Thu Dec 7 08:23:33 GMT 2006

Hi chaps

Just joined the list. I installed Ubuntu on a dual boot with Windows a
couple of weekends ago with the aim of eventually making the switch
final and permament, just as soon as I have found equivalents in
Ubuntu for the bits of software I use on the dark side.

My main interests are web based - blogs, wikis, forums, social
media-type stuff. This was one of the drivers for moving to Ubuntu as
almost everything I do is inside Firefox, so my operating system
doesn't matter too much to me.

As I have just moved to a new house, I am waiting for my phone line
and broadband to be set up so am not online yet. However, I have been
playing about with Ubuntu, looking at all the packages and seeing what
stuff I can download once I am online.

One thing that confused me though is that many of the packages say
they are not compatible with my system (stating that it is a i386 or
something). This includes standard fare like Gnumeric and Abiword, so
I really don't understand why this is? Any help would be most

I also need to get an ethernet modem or router (which is right word?)
that I can use to link my PC up with the phone line so I can get
online. Any suggestions? Wireless isn't important to me.


Dave Briggs

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