[ubuntu-uk] Scibuntu 0.2-alfa is released

Urban Anjar urban.anjar at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 11:38:23 GMT 2006

Since last post Scibuntu has moved to
http://sourceforge.net/projects/scibuntu/. Lots of new programs has been
added and new versions has been released. For the latest and greatest, have
a look in the CVS.


2006/11/4, Urban Anjar <urban.anjar at gmail.com>:
> Scibuntu is  Ubuntu Linux for scientists and science students. Scibuntu is
> not just another Linux distribution. It is a script that adds scientific
> programs and other convinient tools to the plain desktop Ubuntu.
> Most programs in Scibuntu are already out there in the Ubuntu repositories
> Scibuntu collects them for you and puts them into your computer. Some
> programs are fetched from other places.
> * - Ah, well, but why isn't Scibuntu a distribution? *
> There are plenty of good distros out there so there isn't need for another
> one. More distros confuse the users and divide the community's resources. A
> script with adaptations is easier to build, maintain and make documentation
> for.
> What is included
>    - Tools for reading and writing scientific text: LaTeX, Ghostscript,
>    Ghostview and Acroread.
>    - Math and statistics tools like Octave and r
>    - Plotting tools like Gnuplot, Grace and Labplot
>    - Bioinformatics packages like Clustalw, Clustalx, Treepuzzle,
>    Treewiewx and T-coffee
>    - Chemistry tools like RasMol, PyMol and GROMACS
>    - More console tools shar, memtest, dos2unix, strings, strip etc.
>    - Development packages for C, C++, Bioperl, Biopython, FORTRAN and
>    Emacs.
> http://urban.it.hik.se/scibuntu/
> Check it out

Urban Anjar   +46 70 6093556
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