[ubuntu-uk] installing a SpeedTouch USB modem

Shelley & Oren tsur at tsurfamily.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 20 01:27:59 CDT 2005

Hi all


I am at a crossroads.. I followed a guide to install the modem. The terminal
went through the motions and finished the installation giving an error
message that PPPoE could not be configured. It did not bother me as I am
using PPPoA.

Followed the instructions and started the modem using sudo speedtouch-start.
The terminal says that the ADSL connection is starting. Then the command
line comes back.


I then tried to go onto the internet but cannot go anywhere. Is there
someone out there using this type of modem who has successfully installed
the USB modem and is using it o connect to the WWW?


Thanks, Oren




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