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Benj. Mako Hill mako at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 23 23:10:28 CDT 2005

<quote who="Paul Sladen" date="Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 03:20:26PM +0100">
> This brings me to the second point;  we can hopefully get the Ubuntu
> community along, but beyond that there's a large overlap between the
> Ubunties and Debianites.  Last year at the Expo we had two mega-stands:
> Debian/Emdebian/Linux-ARM cabal and a GNOME/KDE/Xorg/FreeDesktop.org one.
> £
> It would be handy to at least have the Ubuntu/Debian stands adjacent.  Also
> don't know what Jonathan wants to do about Kubuntu...  jr: any ideas?

We have a "long" history of sharing space with the both Debian and
GNOME booths. If the folks at this Debian expo are also OK with it, we
can work something out. It's really up to them.

One idea that has worked in the past is selling CDs (including Ubuntu
CDs) for something nominal like £1 to keep people from walking off
with them and never using them and then donating that to the volunteer
project that spared us the booth.

> For the last few years, Debian has had the biggest stand (measuring by the
> constant crowd in front of it); ...this year I can quite believe it might
> have that crown stolen ;-)

Unless of course, there is a joint stand in which case it will be
*massive*. :)


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