Ubuntu-tz Support for Kisimiri Primary, Secondary and High School

Frank Rutaihwa Tilugulilwa tilugulilwa at udsm.ac.tz
Wed Jan 27 08:34:07 GMT 2010

Hi Eric,

We recently had almost a similar training in Mwanza at Sengerema
Telecenter supported by IICD.
You can contact me via +255 767 000 255 or my email
tilugulilwa at gmail.com

Best regards,
Frank Tilugulilwa

On Tue, 2010-01-26 at 20:08 +0100, Eric Huber wrote:

> Dear Mr. Hoeg
> I support the Kisimiri Primary, Secondary and High School in various
> matters. The schools are public and situated in Arumeru District at the
> foot of Mount Meru/Tanzania.
> Very recently a solar powered computer room has been installed at the
> school. The computers run with Ubuntu (English, Hardy Heron version/ no 
> internet at the moment). Unfortunately the Secondary and High School 
> lack teachers to educate all the students (1200) and teachers in IT.
> Therefore I wanted to inquire if you have any contacts in Tanzania, 
> which could help me to find a suitable person willing to spent
> 4-8 weeks teaching in Kisimiri.
> Primary duties would be to give computer courses, explain the various
> basic programmes of Ubuntu and to install all the downloadable open 
> swahili features that were developed by  the Open Kiswahili Localization 
> Project team (Department of Computer Science University of Dar es 
> Salaam). Travel expenses, housing, food  will be provided and a monthly 
> wage payed.
> The headmaster of the Kisimiri Secondary and High School, Mr. Emmanuel
> Kisongo John, will gladly discuss the matter with you.
> Mr. Emmanuel Kisongo John
> Kisimiri Secondary and High School
> 14 480 Arusha
> Mobile Phone:  75 608 74 91
> If you want Mr. Kisongo to contact you, would you please send me your
> phone number.
> Your help would be greatly appreciated
> Sincerely
> Eric Huber
> Switzerland


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