Ubuntu-tz Support for Kisimiri Primary, Secondary and High School

Eric Huber eric.huber at hispeed.ch
Tue Jan 26 19:08:53 GMT 2010

Dear Mr. Hoeg

I support the Kisimiri Primary, Secondary and High School in various
matters. The schools are public and situated in Arumeru District at the
foot of Mount Meru/Tanzania.
Very recently a solar powered computer room has been installed at the
school. The computers run with Ubuntu (English, Hardy Heron version/ no 
internet at the moment). Unfortunately the Secondary and High School 
lack teachers to educate all the students (1200) and teachers in IT.

Therefore I wanted to inquire if you have any contacts in Tanzania, 
which could help me to find a suitable person willing to spent
4-8 weeks teaching in Kisimiri.

Primary duties would be to give computer courses, explain the various
basic programmes of Ubuntu and to install all the downloadable open 
swahili features that were developed by  the Open Kiswahili Localization 
Project team (Department of Computer Science University of Dar es 
Salaam). Travel expenses, housing, food  will be provided and a monthly 
wage payed.

The headmaster of the Kisimiri Secondary and High School, Mr. Emmanuel
Kisongo John, will gladly discuss the matter with you.

Mr. Emmanuel Kisongo John
Kisimiri Secondary and High School
14 480 Arusha

Mobile Phone:  75 608 74 91

If you want Mr. Kisongo to contact you, would you please send me your
phone number.

Your help would be greatly appreciated


Eric Huber


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