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Atanas Cosmas Nkelame nkelame at udsm.ac.tz
Sat Jan 16 06:33:25 GMT 2010

That  is very good donald,

Sometimes you need to keep working then others will follow

Keep working and promoting Ubuntu at home, in church, in schools,
govt..everywhere and a time will come when you will not need to tell
people to use Ubuntu or GNU/Linux in general, it will be just a natural
choice.I'm a witness.

I have installed Ubuntu for so many users (and all the time for FREE
because I just want to help) and people just keep coming for Ubuntu. IT IS

Even today (Sat Jan 16, 2010) someone called me and he wants Ubuntu (I had
helped him sometime last year to recover data from his USB drive).
Yesterday I installed Ubuntu 9.10 to some one in my church (who is also a
lecture at the University of Dar es Salaam). The interesting thing is, as
I was doing it, another UDSM staff, a lady (also a member of our church)
came to sit with us, and the guy i was helping started talking to the lady
and telling her how good Ubuntu is.

To me, it just part of my life now!! Normal users are now promoting Ubuntu
because they know how usefull it is.

Seminars, workshops and various forms of gatherings are important but they
lack of them (for some reasons) should not keep us from doing what we

Keep working.

We can work together and release 'Ubuntu UhuruKamiri' as the swahili
version of Ubuntu. Just share your ideas about how you have done it and
let others work with you.


> Well, that's what I thought we should do.
>  I have been tempering
> with linux with my favourite distro ubuntu. That got me to what I
> always wanted to be able to do, play with it anyhow I want.
>  We
> can't have a better gift to our community than ubuntu fully
> swahilized!! Not only we should be competent enough to give support
> when needed, we should get them involved in translating Ubuntu. To get
> them into the game, we have to deliver it with some swahili sparks and
> the rest will go by itself. That will make them more curious than ever!
> What do you think?
>  You don't have to be a programmer to help with translations (unless u do
> it my way, unofficial translation!).
>  Does anyone see anything to keep us back? I don't see anything other than
> our lack of devotion. Most of us are
>  intimidated by the 'huge' task and we make a mistake of NEVER GETTING
> STARTED!  STARTING is all we need.
> I just touched the installer and bootloader(no screenshots included).
> (with a bootloader, real coding was needed).
> If we put hands together, we can push it much faster. Remember, you are
> part of a community, play your part!
> That is just part of my work, more is included in a remastered version of
> ubuntu 9.10.
> Have a big weekend and don't forget to share with us what do you think?
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