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Good stuff Donald!

On Fri, 2010-01-15 at 08:45 -0800, donald wrote:

> Well, that's what I thought we should do.
>  I have been tempering with linux with my favourite distro ubuntu.
> That got me to what I always wanted to be able to do, play with it
> anyhow I want. 
>  We can't have a better gift to our community than ubuntu fully
> swahilized!! Not only we should be competent enough to give support
> when needed, we should get them involved in translating Ubuntu. To get
> them into the game, we have to deliver it with some swahili sparks and
> the rest will go by itself. That will make them more curious than
> ever! 
> What do you think?
>  You don't have to be a programmer to help with translations (unless u
> do it my way, unofficial translation!). 
>  Does anyone see anything to keep us back? I don't see anything other
> than our lack of devotion. Most of us are intimidated by the 'huge'
> task and we make a mistake of NEVER GETTING STARTED!  STARTING is all
> we need.
> I just touched the installer and bootloader(no screenshots included).
> (with a bootloader, real coding was needed).
> If we put hands together, we can push it much faster. Remember, you
> are part of a community, play your part!
> That is just part of my work, more is included in a remastered version
> of ubuntu 9.10.
> Have a big weekend and don't forget to share with us what do you
> think?
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