Timeouts when trying to translate on Launchpad

Michael Bauer fios at akerbeltz.org
Fri Aug 8 11:26:09 UTC 2014

Yep, get it a lot too. Especially annoying when the back button does not 
bring up your translations again. I actually just lost a whole page 
worth 2 minutes ago.


08/08/2014 12:08, sgrìobh ubuntu-translators-request at lists.ubuntu.com:
> Hi All,
> When trying to translate on Launchpad, I get quite often Timeout errors.
> That is, when I am submitting a translation and click to get the next 10
> message,
> the page give the Timeout error. I need to refresh several times in order
> to proceed to the next set of messages.
> I have tried with both Firefox and Chrome.
> Does anyone else exhibit this issue?
> I am translating for Greek (in case there is some server-side extra
> processing for some languages).
> Simos

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