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David Planella david.planella at
Sat Sep 28 07:31:39 UTC 2013

Hi Translators,

This cycle, while we are translating the desktop as usual, the phone has
been the major focus of development. Since not all of the phone packages
are in the Ubuntu translations location in Launchpad we generally use, I
thought I'd send a summary of the places where the phone UI can be

While there are still some parts of the infrastructure that are missing
(some shared components with the desktop will not ship translations without
language packs, input methods, the switch to change language is being
worked on), this is a great opportunity to have a phone with your favourite
OS also shipped with your favourite language :)

So here's a call for translations for Ubuntu on phones! If you could
forward this call to all of your teams to get a localized experience as
complete as possible for 13.10, that'd be awesome.

For those of you with a device to test, you can change the UI language on a
phone flashed with cdimage-touch by following these instructions [1].

# Core apps

Note music-app and ubuntu-rssreader-app were recently added and need some
translation love.

# System apps

I need to check if the translation templates are up to date for all of
those apps. See this bug to track the status [2].

# Unity 8

# Indicators
TBD - I need to investigate where translations need to be enabled and how
they are displayed/shipped [2]

Thanks and happy translating!


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