Localized ubuntu-docs screenshots

Doug Smythies dsmythies at telus.net
Thu Sep 26 21:26:02 UTC 2013

If regions want to update any screen shots in Ubuntu-docs, they should be
done in time to commit to the main branch before October 3rd.


I do not know what the typical procedure is, but I did find some reference
to using some share on Ubuntu 1 for the files, but it doesn't seem to exist

I also observe that there are currently only a few region specific screen


Out of the 13 screen shots, 8 were updated in the "ubuntu-help/C/figures"
directory for this cycle. Details are below, along with what regions
currently have their own version:


nautilus.png - Looks a bit different






unity-dash-intro.png - Replaced because it looks a little different now.



unity-dash-sample.png - Looks a little different (Could probably leave old
screenshot if desired)





unity-exit.png - Menu a little different





unity-launcher-intro.png - mouse hover menu is different





unity-overview.png - Workspaces disable by default; Scope (lenses) different





unity.png - quite downsampled, so doesn't really show language specific
detail. Replaced due to workspaces disabled by default.



unity-windows.png - After enabling workspaces - default launcher icons
different (Could probably leave old screenshot if desired)





unity-shell.png - Not used. Will be deleted.



. Doug


P.S. The script that automatically collects screen shots is being worked on
and tested. I am not up to date on the status. I manually did the above
mentioned new screen shots.


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