Getting a user barred from a language

Michael Bauer fios at
Wed Sep 11 18:59:21 UTC 2013

Hi George,

That would work if there is one overarching project that sits above all 
others on Launchpad. Is there such a project? We have but that doesn't seem to have 
stopped this user from adding stuff in Linux Mint?

You're right, Ibrahima, better empty ...


11/09/2013 19:52, sgrìobh George Christofis:
> A good practice to manage and control/check the translations, is to 
> create a Moderated Team with privilege to review messages and the 
> existing team (which is open i guess) you can give to the members 
> privileges to make suggestions and only!
> With this way the translations are filtered, because only the members 
> of the Moderated team can review suggested messages.

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