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Michael Bauer fios at
Fri Oct 18 13:26:12 UTC 2013

Hi Oleg,

The source string has no line break as far as I can tell, I think it 
just break it automatically.

How do I know, while translating, wether I should use \n or <br />? I 
don't know of a way of telling from the translation interface if it's 
one or the other.


18/10/2013 14:23, sgrìobh Oleg Koptev:
> I think in general it depends on particular programming language of 
> the template you translate.
> In most cases \n will break the line, but if you deal with (x)html - 
> <br /> will work.
> Try to look into source of System Settings and look for \n in this phrase.
> Oleg

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