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Thu Oct 17 15:47:44 UTC 2013

Þann fim 17.okt 2013 15:28, skrifaði Dave Walker:
> On 17 October 2013 16:01, Michael Bauer <fios at> wrote:
>> Ok, I'm a *really* unhappy bunny just now. I've just finished upgrading to
>> 13.04 with great expectations which promptly came crashing down around my
>> head. Could someone please explain to me why we are still getting the old
>> crap translations even when we've committed proofread ones?
>> For example
>> Search your computer and online sources
>> was proofread in July and set to
>> Lorg air a' choimpiutair agad is air loidhne
> <SNIP>
> Hi Michael,
> Can you clarify if you mean 13.04, or infact the new release of 13.10?
> If it is 13.04, as you stated, this was released in April this year
> which is /after/ the translation you linked to was approved.
> Therefore, it wouldn't be possible to be in 13.04.
> It would be worth checking if it is correct in 13.10, which was released today.
> --
> Kind Regards,
> Dave Walker

According to: 
last full language pack for 13.04 Raring was published 16th 
of april 2013, probably that's what you get on the 
installation disk.
I'd try to update the system, there have been more than 40 
delta-language-packs since. You may have to force the updates.

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