Chrome on Launchpad?

Michael Bauer fios at
Mon Apr 8 18:23:18 UTC 2013

Hi Yuri

Thanks, at least I now know. That's really poor (not of you personally 
obviously) that there are so many dead projects. I mean I can understand 
why keeping them in an archive might be good but to keep them live is 
really a bit ... crazy.

Google doesn't care about small languages (anymore, not since they got 
big) so I've given up on Chrome - I presume that's still being run by 
the OS community or has the control over both Chrome AND Chromium 
shifted to Google?


08/04/2013 19:14, sgrìobh Yuri Chornoivan:
> Hi,
> The project is dead. I have asked to close it about a year ago [1], 
> but noone cares. There are *many* such dead projects on Launchpad.
> So it is very wise to check if a project is alive until starting to 
> translate it.
> Please contact Google for Gaelic translations.
> Best regards,
> Yuri 

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