Chrome on Launchpad?

Michael Bauer fios at
Mon Apr 8 18:00:15 UTC 2013

I finally found the time to look into the Chromium thing at least - 
having decided that Google has indeed joined the dark side. I did a bit 
and uploaded and then kind of got worried, seeing there doesn't seem to 
be much l10n activity - or any discernible activity regarding Chromium 
on Launchpad (

I'm really getting confused - and a bit tired - of the whole sad 
Chromium saga. Is the project still active via Launchpad and if not, do 
you happen to know where it is? If it's dead on Launchpad, then I really 
think someone needs to slap a bit "DEAD" sign on the project. It's like 
the Firefox project where quite a few people seem to have invested time 
in doing translation work but with no path back to Mozilla. It really is 
becoming hard for non-hacker level people to determine which projects on 
Launchpad are safe/active and which ones are dead ends :(


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