Call for l10n bugs hunting

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at
Sat Mar 31 16:27:22 UTC 2012

Hi translators

With the release of Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2, we are now really close to the 
final release.
This makes these days perfect time to hunt down all the localization 
bugs our users reported!
We do not want to release Ubuntu Precise with already known l10n bugs, 
right? So, we need to make sure they are fixed, but first, we need to 
find them.

Here is how:
* Go to the bugs page of your team:
where LL is your language code. Here you can see all the bugs assigned 
to your localization team.

* Many bugs are not assigned to teams, but they are filed against the 
language packs. Go to:
Where LL is still your language code. If they seem to be valid problems, 
assign them to your translation team (ubuntu-l10n-LL).

* A lot more bugs are unfortunately not assigned to translator teams or 
language packs, only filed against the Ubuntu package they affect. For 
these, go to
Type the English name of your language (might try the native name of 
your language too), go through the enormous bug list you get (for 
example, "German" gives 446 results!) and try to sort out the valid bugs 
- many bugs only mention language names in contexts unrelated to 
localization, but I think this is the way to ensure nothing slips 
through. Assign these to your translation team, so that you can easily 
track them.

Go through the lists, and make sure you fix the translation errors in 
the corresponding template: set them as Fix Committed. If they are 
already fixed on an up-to-date Precise system, the better: set them as 
Fix Released. If the problem cannot be found anymore in the template, 
set them as Invalid.

If the bug is not about wrong translation, or you are in doubt, hit the 
Also affects project link, assign it to the ubuntu-translations project, 
and we will figure out what to do.

Good hunting!
Gabor Kelemen

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