gnome-control-center Ubuntu strings

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Fri Mar 16 18:37:43 UTC 2012

Hey again,

Not a lot of news there but I would like to drop a note for translators 
who consider GNOME components translated by GNOME, we do have quite a 
bunch of Ubuntu specific strings in gnome-control-center.

I'm listing the UI ones for info here:

All displays
_All Settings
Application Menu
Apply system wide
<b>Auto-hide the Launcher</b>
<b>Launcher icon size</b>
Change the background and theme
Error saving the new shortcut
Integrated in menu bar and hidden
Integrated in menu bar and visible
Keyboard Layout
Launcher placement
Left side
Other reveal option
Play sound through
Please select an image.
Record sound from
Require my password when waking from suspend
Restore Default Behaviours
Reveal location:
Reveal sensitivity
Settings for %s
Settings for the selected device
Show battery status in the _menu bar
Sticky edges
Test Sound
Too many custom shortcuts
Top left corner
UI Control
When battery is charging/in use
When battery is present
When the lid is closed

Some of those have not been added yet but are likely to come soon 
through ffes, I've added them to the template so you can start 
translating them as well

Sebastien Bacher

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