Localized ubuntu-docs screenshots

Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 18 06:18:37 UTC 2012

On 18 April 2012 07:15, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Hello again,
> David Planella [2012-04-17 21:12 +0200]:
>> Actually, this brings up another subject that we discussed on
>> #ubuntu-desktop this afternoon: this might have been my fault for not
>> checking out and giving a heads up, but I hadn't realized that there
>> hadn't been any ubuntu-docs upload last week.
>> Since we implemented the feature whereby localized documentation is part
>> of the language packs a few cycles ago, ubuntu-docs need to be uploaded
>> to launchpad prior to starting the process of exporting the translations
>> for language packs.
> It's unrelated to Launchpad's language tarballs. The precise condition
> is "ubuntu-docs needs to be uploaded AND BUILT before we start
> building the language packs" (i. e. preparing their source packages
> from the LP export and the static translation tarballs from LP).
> As we have the new ubuntu-docs built, and I am still waiting for the
> LP export to finish, we are good here.

Good news! Thanks to everyone involved.

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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