UIFe: Update keyboard shortcut overlay with more consistent wording

David Planella david.planella at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 4 06:16:46 UTC 2012

Al 04/04/12 04:37, En/na Jeremy Bicha ha escrit:
> Hi, Unity 3D's new keyboard shortcut overlay (when you press and hold
> the Super/Windows key) has rather inconsistent grammar and wording.
> I've submitted a branch proposal to improve this.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bug/964673
> I apologize for the late notice and I realize this changes several
> strings. Is this something that can happen for Precise?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy Bicha

Thanks for the heads up Jeremy, I've added a comment on the bug:

Seeing that while they might be necessary to provide better wording on
the original strings, the changes should probably not affect the
translations, so from the translations team I'd say +1 only if:

* The package additionally provides a one-off patch that:
  - Includes the latest translations from Launchpad (i.e. the PO files
for all languages)
  - Replaces the strings that that change touches to all 'msgid' fields
in the PO files. The translations themselves in the PO files ('msgstr'
fields can be left untouched)

Once the package has been uploaded, the translations will have been
imported into Launchpad and the patch can be dropped on the next upload.

I know it's a pain to do this, but the changes really touch a lot of
strings that will break quite a lot of translations otherwise.


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