gnome-desktop3 string freeze exception request

David Planella david.planella at
Wed Sep 28 08:05:14 UTC 2011

El dt 27 de 09 de 2011 a les 16:13 +1000, en/na Christopher James Halse
Rogers va escriure:
> Bug
> requests a string freeze exception request for gnome-desktop3's XRandR
> support.  The workaround for this bug requires that gnome-desktop
> refuses to configure a multi-head display with a size exceeding
> GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE when Unity is running.  This requires a new error
> message in gnome-rr-config.c, which will be shown to the user,
> explaining why their configuration request has been rejected and what
> they can do about it.
> Thanks,
> Chris Halse Rogers.

Thanks for notifying translators and documenters, Chris.

It makes sense to me if the error message is necessary and if it only
means adding a new string and not changing existing ones, so +1 from the
translations side, unless there is any objection.

Translators, this means adding the following string:

"Requested size (%d, %d) exceeds 3D hardware limit (%d, %d).\n"
"You must either rearrange the displays so that they fit within a (%d, %
d) square\n"
"or select the Ubuntu 2D session at login.")"


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