Which Gnome version in Oneiric?

lafeber-dumoleyn2 lafeber-dumoleyn2 at zonnet.nl
Tue Sep 13 08:26:54 UTC 2011

Can anyone tell me which gnome version will be used in Oneiric?
In Natty version 2.3x.x is used (applications and their translations).
At Gnome the current stable translation version is 3.0, while 3.2
(master) is the development version.

An example: gedit
Launchpad overview (Oneiric): gedit 3.1.5-0ubuntu1. Upstream connections
The Gnome Project ⇒ gedit ⇒ master. So this would be gnome version 3.2,
which is the current master (development version).
Current application/translation version (natty) of gedit: 2.30.4.

>From this I would conclude that Oneiric will use gnome 3.0 version
(applications and their translations), the stable version, NOT 3.2 which
is the development version.
If my conclusion is correct, there is no need to hurry. Version 3.0 is
fully translated into Dutch. On the other hand, IF Oneiric will use
gnome version 3.2, we do have to finish the most important modules
before Oneiric is released.
Ubuntu Dutch Translators
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