Merge requests for serverguide

Ahmed Kamal kim0 at
Mon Oct 17 10:22:56 UTC 2011

On 10/17/2011 03:28 AM, Connor Imes wrote:
> On 10/16/2011 09:12 PM, Peter Matulis wrote:
>> On 11-10-16 05:29 PM, Connor Imes wrote:
>>> We are still looking for somebody to maintain the serverguide.  I've
>>> been handling the merge requests and a couple of small bug reports, but
>>> that's about it (and it's not my area of expertise).  If you or somebody
>>> on your team would like to take over control of these docs, that would
>>> be awesome.
>> I asked about plans for the next release (in ubuntu-server m/l) and was
>> told that we will use the same model we used for Oneiric.  This was
>> essentially asking (on the m/l) for people to review and update the
>> guide.  So I'm not sure we're looking for a central maintainer.  I
>> helped with 2 subchapters and will most likely take on the rest of that
>> chapter (for Precise) but let me know if help of another kind is needed.
> This may be manageable for awhile, but we do still need somebody to
> really take ownership who has a little more expertise with Ubuntu server
> and server-related software.  For now, let's just try to have the merge
> requests is earlier - well in advance of string freeze so that the
> requests can be reviewed, modified if needed, and committed before
> string freeze takes effect.
>>> It was great that the server team provided us with doc updates this
>>> release, even if many were too late for string freeze.  Now we're all on
>>> the same page, and I'm sure we can pull it together sooner next release.
>> I'm still puzzled by this.  Does it matter or does it not matter that
>> this server documentation is no longer shipped in the archive (up to,
>> and including, Lucid, there was a 'ubuntu-serverguide' package).  It's
>> provided via now.
> Matthew mentioned in a separate part of this email thread that it does
> still matter because the serverguide is open to translation for other
> communities to post online or elsewhere if they wish.  It also makes
> maintenance and scheduling easier to be consistent across the board.
> That said, it is probably easier to get string freeze exceptions now for
> the serverguide, but it still requires the approval of the translators
> team, adding more time and work for everybody involved.
> -Connor
I think the current model of farming out reviews and updates to m/l has 
been successful and should be continued. However, someone still needs to 
do the management part of all that (pad, updates, communications, merge 
proposals ...etc). For Oneiric I worked on that, and there was a very 
limited time budget. For 12.04 things should be much better. If anyone 
is interested in taking over this serverguide-manager position, please 
step-up. I have a single volunteer atm, however I'll probably be sending 
a call-out soon


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