Merge requests for serverguide

Peter Matulis peter.matulis at
Mon Oct 17 01:12:42 UTC 2011

On 11-10-16 05:29 PM, Connor Imes wrote:

> We are still looking for somebody to maintain the serverguide.  I've
> been handling the merge requests and a couple of small bug reports, but
> that's about it (and it's not my area of expertise).  If you or somebody
> on your team would like to take over control of these docs, that would
> be awesome.

I asked about plans for the next release (in ubuntu-server m/l) and was
told that we will use the same model we used for Oneiric.  This was
essentially asking (on the m/l) for people to review and update the
guide.  So I'm not sure we're looking for a central maintainer.  I
helped with 2 subchapters and will most likely take on the rest of that
chapter (for Precise) but let me know if help of another kind is needed.

> It was great that the server team provided us with doc updates this
> release, even if many were too late for string freeze.  Now we're all on
> the same page, and I'm sure we can pull it together sooner next release.

I'm still puzzled by this.  Does it matter or does it not matter that
this server documentation is no longer shipped in the archive (up to,
and including, Lucid, there was a 'ubuntu-serverguide' package).  It's
provided via now.


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