Translations are not properly imported into Launchpad.

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Thu Oct 6 15:36:04 UTC 2011

Hi Jiri,

У чет, 06. 10 2011. у 10:05 +0300, Jiri Grönroos пише:
> This is a serious issue and it's not limited to one specific language. I
> believe it affects all projects hosted on Rosetta/LP. A bug has been filed,
> see - please add your
> examples/observations there.

I appreciate that you have filed this bug.  I have replied there and
split the bug into two because I believe they are internally two
different problems.

However, on re-reading this, you seem to describe a third issue as well:
an upstream translation that you have already changed is changed back?
It could be due to the problem described in

but it could also be a different problem.  Please add a comment to this
bug describing this as well, and sorry if I misread your original report


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