Translations are not properly imported into Launchpad.

Jiri Grönroos jiri.gronroos at
Thu Oct 6 13:51:50 UTC 2011

According to credits there are LP contributions: Tomas Straupis, ,Launchpad
Contributions:,Tomas Straupis

One should ask from Tomas if he's actually done any work on LP. If he has,
have those contributions been exported from LP to upstream? If LP and
upstream both have the same string, there could be conflict (a bug) when
importing back to LP and thus LP defaults to the old translation. This is
just a wild guess.

Jiri Grönroos

2011/10/6 Andrius Štikonas <stikonas at>

> Bug #818230 is slightly different issue, where Ubuntu modifications get
> overwritten by upstream translations. On the other hand, the issue that
> I reported is about upstream translations not overwriting older upstream
> translations which is quite bad in my case. At least for Lithuanian
> language, KDE S.C. is only translated by upstream translators (as far as I
> know, nobody does work on KDE translations into Lithuanian on Launchpad), so
> if translations will get old relatively quickly.
> Andrius Štikonas
> 2011/10/6 Jiri Grönroos <jiri.gronroos at>
>> This is a serious issue and it's not limited to one specific language. I
>> believe it affects all projects hosted on Rosetta/LP. A bug has been filed,
>> see - please add your
>> examples/observations there.
>> And while we're discussing bugs, I'd suggest people to check out the
>> following links:
>> []
>> Jiri Grönroos
>> 2011/10/6 Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki at>
>>> 2011/10/6 Andrius Štikonas <stikonas at>:
>>> > There are a lot more examples, so it is not possible to list them all.
>>> It
>>> > seems to me that at lease KDE Lithuanian translations are no longer
>>> properly
>>> > imported. Maybe somebody can tell if this happens with other languages
>>> or
>>> > with non KDE translations. Unfortunately, I do not have time to look at
>>> this
>>> > issue more thoroughly.
>>> I have seen this since 2005, and I haven't ever been completely
>>> assured the imports still work 100% problem-free. And I don't mean the
>>> import queue problems, but something deeper. The KDE translations have
>>> always been the ones I've been most worried about, but recently I've
>>> been suspicious about a few Gnome translations equally. Unlike you, I
>>> don't have direct evidence at hand.
>>> At time, and it was a long time ago, I filed bug reports against LP
>>> with examples, and those ones have been marked as fixed. If you could
>>> take your direct examples and file a bug against LP at
>>> , I think it could help to again
>>> start looking at if it's possible to truly make everything work as
>>> supposed.
>>> -Timo
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