IMPORTANT Last chance for language pack testing (Deadline tomorrow)

Kenneth Nielsen k.nielsen81 at
Wed Nov 9 15:50:55 UTC 2011

Den 08-11-2011 13:10, Kenneth Nielsen skrev:
> Hallo my fellow translators.
> Since my email yesterday we have gotten the language packs for 6
> languages more tested. That is good, but it still only leaves us at 10
> languages in total. I must stress that this particular language pack
> release is more important than the average, because there were entire
> documentation translations that were left out by accident in the initial
> release.
> Please see if you can find the ~20 min to test them for your language,
> before tomorrow 1400 UTC.
> Instructions, and the "checked" list can be found on this page:
> Regards Kenneth

Testing is done and we ended up with 14 language packs tested. Thank you 
for your effort. The language packs for those language languages will be 
copied to the -updates repository one of the following days and will 
then trickle out to all our users as an update ;)


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