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Hannie lafeber-dumoleyn2 at
Thu Sep 16 08:38:08 BST 2010

As I am trying to understand how things work I follow what happens to a 
file (the Dutch translation of Nautilus) I imported into LP a few days ago.
2010-09-12: check Result: 
Untranslated: 51
2010-09-13: Nautilus Dutch translation completed, then imported (from 
Gnome). Status import queue: approved, later on changed to _*Imported*_.
Check again: Result in Launchpad: Untranslated: 0. So far so good. But 
when I checked the contents of the translation I found out that it was 
not the right one.
Next, on 2010-09-16, I downloaded the file po/nl.po from 
And yes, this is the right file.
Am I right in concluding that, what I see on this page:, will be 
overwritten by po/nl.po (/nautilus/) in the near future? (since the file 
is still in the queue).
Hannie Dumoleyn
Ubuntu Dutch Translators
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