More untranslated strings in Maverick beta in galician language.

Sveinn í Felli sveinki at
Wed Sep 15 14:55:10 BST 2010

Þann mið 15.sep 2010 10:57, skrifaði David Planella:
> That's a good point, and something I've wanted to address for a while.
> The policy is the one in:
> i.e. "the world's top 11 languages come first, then the rest
> alphabetically"
> That has to be adapted again due to technical constraints, and Chinese
> (Simplified of Traditional) for example, while on that list, take too
> much space already on the language packs. We also add Xhosa, being the
> language where Ubuntu comes from. Finally, I'm not sure which sources
> were used to compile the top 11 languages, that was before my time.
> So, on the last few releases we've had the following languages included:
>        * Hardy: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
>        * Intrepid: Bengali, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Xhosa
>        * Jaunty: Bengali, German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese,
>          Xhosa
>        * Karmic: Bengali, German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese,
>          Xhosa
>        * Lucid: Bengali, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Xhosa
>        * Maverick: Bengali, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Xhosa
>          (list not yet definitive)
> It would be good to revisit this criterion, although it might be getting
> a bit too tight for Maverick.
> I'd like to consider not only the most spoken languages, but also the
> level of support or how active the community behind a language is. This
> could be done by additionally taking into account the list of supported
> languages for a release [1]. One last factor, although I cannot think of
> any easy way to measure it, would be how critical is that we add a
> particular language to the LiveCD. I'm thinking of languages spoken in
> areas with limited or no Internet connectivity.
> I welcome any suggestions and ideas. Translators, what do you think?
> Regards,
> David.
> [1]

Good enough, anyway there has to be a choice, somehow...

The LiveCD's are probably mostly used either by individuals 
who'd like to test before installing, or for distribution at 
local install-festivals and such.

Unless there will be one day a sort of a "distro on demand" 
service (where one selects preferred components), I doubt 
there will be any interest in stockpiling ISO's for a huge 
quantity of less finished localised versions of all the 
Ubuntu variants (Usable ~120 languages ?).
Anyway, making your own spin with Remastersys is not that 
hard, maybe good instructions on the wiki for doing so could 
help some of the communities.

But in my opinion, the Debian/Ubuntu installer on every 
LiveCD disk should come with all available (decently 
finished) translations for the installer itself.
The user should be able to select their language as a first 
part of the install process.

There could also be a tickbox with "Download all 
language-packs for this language" and maybe another with 
"Make this language the default one for all users on this 
Once the main install process would be finished, after 
reboot, an post-install script could search for those 
lang-packs either on network, internet or on a second 
extra-langpack-CD. This way the user shouldn't be exposed to 
any foreign gibberish ;-)

Just thoughts,

Sveinn í Felli

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