String change request for Gwibber

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Mon Sep 13 14:17:30 BST 2010

If Ubuntu is trying to sell itself as a social networking OS then this change 
would seem fairly vital and it's tiny size surely make it viable?
Regards from Tom :)

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El dv 10 de 09 de 2010 a les 09:22 -0400, en/na Ken VanDine va escriure:
> The notification settings in the Gwibber preferences dialog are very
> confusing and many users do not get the results they expect.  This bug
> has details and screenshots of both the current settings UI and the
> proposed UI:
> We are proposing 4 additional strings:
> "Show notifications for"
> "All messages"
> "Mentions and replies only"
> "Do not display notifications"
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Ken VanDine
> Ubuntu Desktop Integration Engineer
> Cannonical, Ltd.

Considering they are short strings, translatable through language packs,
and assuming the fix can be uploaded straight away, I'd have no
objection unless it also implies documentation changes. In any case, I'd
like to hear everyone's opinion.

Translators, documenters, any comments?



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /

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