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Sun Oct 31 13:20:31 GMT 2010

Hello !

A couple of our translators have installed ubuntu for their
(grand)-father/mother, who doesn't speak english very well.
As ubuntu is such a great operating system they enjoy using it, but
translation in their native language (in this case slovenian) is essential
for them.
I thought this would be a very nice translation story, which were discuseed
at UDS. We plan to publish it on the planet and any other resource
translation stories would be published on.

And now my question:

Is there any template of standard questions to ask, just like for the
translators interviews ? If not, why don't we agree on a set of standard or
recommended questions as a base for an interview (additional questions can
be asked of course).


Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things
brought together.
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