A proposal for the new roadmap 11.04

Tom Davies tomdavies04 at yahoo.co.uk
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Hi :)

I would really like us to add Lubuntu to this list as it is likely to be made an 
official version soon.  Xubuntu is getting too heavy to fulfill its market 
position as the light-weight Ubuntu because Xfce is quite heavy.  LxDE is light 
enough to be used on very much lighter-weight machines such as people often have 
in attics or cupboards.

If we finalise a set-up without considering Lubuntu then when it gets added we 
will have a bit of a messy interface.

I thought we were aiming to centralise Ubuntu and just offer the other DEs as 
Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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Þann þri 19.okt 2010 22:45, skrifaði Valter Mura:
> Hi All,
> with regard to the latest announcement made by David in the list, I would like
> to submit to you my humble ideas about a new structure for Ubuntu translations
> in Launchpad.
> The idea is very simple: splitting the Ubuntu translation structure from one
> single branch into, at least, 4 branches with eventual derivative sub-
> branches. The reason is to have a more rational structure in which translators
> can easily individuate and manage packages to translate.
> I think also that a new structure will facilitate the work of the translators
> and speed up the translation process.

Great work - I second these. We're talking about the 
organisation of the translation interface, isn't it ?

> Here is a possible subdivision:
> #1 - Ubuntu-files: this branch would include language files related only to
> Ubuntu, say "shared" files;
> #2 - Ubuntu-Gnome files: this branch would include only upstream language 
> coming from the Gnome project plus upstream files containing possible changed
> strings;
> #3 - Kubuntu-KDE files: this branch would include only upstream language files
> coming from the KDE project plus upstream files containing possible changed
> strings;
> #4 - Xubuntu-XFCE files: this branch would include only upstream language 
> coming from the XFCE project plus upstream files containing possible changed
> strings.
This could be a simple drop-down field above the file list; 
with options like 
all/Ubuntu_shared/Ubuntu_GNOME/Kubuntu_KDE/Xubuntu_XFCE (and 
maybe an Undefined field for modules early in the 
translation cycle). Possibly those definitions exist already 
in the database ?

> #5- For 2, 3, 4 files there should be also indication of original (upstream)
> URL, and possibility to have e-mail notification of changes in the files (this
> applies also to #1).
This could be in the header of the initial translation page, 

> #6- For upstream files, there could be also a note indicating the "upstream"
> situation of the file, for example, if the file is contained in a stable or
> unstable/trunk branch.
And maybe having the date of last synchronization with 
upstream would be of use.

> #7- Release cycles should be coordinated with the release ones of the upstream
> work-flows. To clarify this point: the release of a language update must be
> done only after the release of the upstream. This seems to be logical, but
> often it isn't, above all if packs are taken from both branches indicated in
> #6. Language packs are often incomplete, if the upstream way is not followed.
> This involves also the work in Launchpad, which could vanish after an upstream
> update. In this way, translators who work on an "upstream
> (untranslated/partially untranslated) package" could notify directly the
> translator in charge, thanks to #5: "Hey, I translated the file you are 
> on, I'll send it to you so that you could give it a look and use, if you
> wish."
In a previous thread, there was some discussion about having 
a lang-pack-bugfix upgrade relatively soon after a release 
(eliminating the most apparent errors) and maybe another 
intermediate one (before next 6 monthly release).
If this can also coincide with upstream releases, good.

And may I add:

#8- If translators (reviewers/coordinators) could easily 
download all the POs of their language in one go, that would 
be nice.

I suppose "batch committing" would be a bit too much to ask for.

> These are only some humble suggestions, I hope to contribute to improve the
> system with these few ideas.
IMHO they're very useful.

> By the way, I like very much the idea of an "Ubuntu Translation Portal"! :-)
> Ciao!

Sveinn í Felli

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