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El dv 17 de 09 de 2010 a les 08:36 +0000, en/na Sveinn í Felli va
> Þann fös 17.sep 2010 07:49, skrifaði Hannie:
> >   Op 16-09-10 20:19, Yaron Shahrabani schreef:
> >> First of all I think that the TemplatesPriority
> >> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/TemplatesPriority> should be
> >> updated since some of the templates are non translatable anymore and
> >> there are some Ubuntu specific templates that does not appear there...
> > And since the templates are not listed in alphabetic order, I would
> > really appreciate it if a search tool is added to this page. Browsing
> > through 1624 results to find what you are looking for is very annoying.
> > Hannie
> > Ubuntu Dutch Translators
> Launchpad:
> A search box to find a specific package would be nice.
> A search box on the first page to find a specific string 
> would ease the job of reviewing/bughunting tremendously.

Hi Sveinn,

That's another valid request, but as mentioned before, that'd be a
feature request for Launchpad. I'd like to keep this thread for
discussing the translations community plans, rather than Launchpad
development, which should be best discussed with the Launchpad
Translations developers on a dedicated thread.

As per the Global Search feature, this is a long wanted feature from
translators. Some cycles ago, I ran a couple of surveys, the output of
which was used to define my first roadmap when I started, and also the
list of 3 most wanted Launchpad Translations wishes from translators.

At the time, the translators feedback provided a good overview on what
areas could be targeted for Launchpad Translations developers. Note that
these were the wishes from the translations community only, and do not
directly dictate what Launchpad developers will focus on. There are
other stakeholders that have a say in the Launchpad development focus.
Here they are:


I moved some of the content from an internal wiki page some time ago, as
I believed the content should be public. If there are any broken links
in the document, let me know, as I might have forgotten to update some
of them.

Note that Global String Search came up in the top 6. However, there is a
limited number of features developers can focus at the time, and there
needs to be a choice made considering the development resources and the
priorities. In the last few months, that choice has been upstream
integration (upstream sync in that page), and I'm confident not only
that this is the right choice, but I'm also very excited about this

Note also that this is now perhaps obsolete data, although I believe it
can still be used as a reference for some of the most wanted features.

At the risk of becoming repetitive, I'll say it again: Launchpad is Free
Software, so anyone willing to should feel free to work on any new
features they'd like to see implemented. Everyone on the #launchpad IRC
channel on Freenode will be more than happy to help.

Anyone can get started here:


The simple reason we're mentioning it all over the place is because I've
noticed that some people haven't still realized it. If someone doesn't
have developer skills and wants to contribute to any other area, that's
awesome, but at the same time, anyone with developer skills and wanting
to do some work on fixes or features to "scratch their itches" should
know, should they want to, that they are able to do it straight away.


David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator
www.ubuntu.com / www.davidplanella.wordpress.com
www.identi.ca/dplanella / www.twitter.com/dplanella
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