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David Planella david.planella at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 4 20:59:52 BST 2010

El dj 16 de 09 de 2010 a les 20:19 +0200, en/na Yaron Shahrabani va
> First of all I think that the TemplatesPriority should be updated
> since some of the templates are non translatable anymore and there are
> some Ubuntu specific templates that does not appear there...

Hi Yaron,

The templates priority page was meant to be a specification for setting
the template priorities in Launchpad in order to fulfil another long
time translator request: to provide more focus to the most important
templates and show them higher up in the list. Thus the most important
templates for a translated Operating System (Ubuntu flavour) should be
on the first 1-2 pages (roughly).


Thus it was never intended to be used as a literal reference to
Ubuntu-specific templates, but rather a reference to what priority
criteria was used to come up with the ordering in Launchpad.

I'm sorry if it did not convey that information. I've now updated the
page to be more clear on that.

> My translation model is click based, meaning: how many clicks should I
> click the mouse until I get the first untranslated string, the more
> the merrier!

I like your approach :-)

> Spanish and French must get the highest score, in Hebrew we have the
> untranslated gbrainy that since the lack of Hebrew vocabulray there's
> absolutely no taste in translating it... (We want to teach children
> proper Hebrew before we teach them proper English).

I'm not sure I can follow this last part. Could you please clarify?



> Yaron Shahrabani
>         <Hebrew translator>
> On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 7:17 PM, David Planella
> <david.planella at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>         Hi all,
>         In the Community team at Canonical we are now starting to lay
>         out the
>         plans for the 11.04 roadmap for translations.
>         For this, we really value your input and would very much like
>         to take
>         your ideas and feedback into account.
>         One of the key areas I'd like to work on in this cycle, for
>         instance, is
>         outreach: we want to bang the drum and get people excited and
>         involved
>         in translations.
>         What are your thoughts and ideas? What do you think we should
>         focus on?
>         Thanks!
>         Regards,
>         David.
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David Planella
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