[UIFe] message timestamps are too verbose in empathy chat

David Planella david.planella at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 4 15:46:00 BST 2010

El dv 01 de 10 de 2010 a les 14:59 +0500, en/na Omer Akram va escriure:
> Hi all. 
> In Maverick adium theme accepted a few patches during that a patch
> went in which introduced a problem i.e. every chat message in empathy
> now shows fulldate, time and even seconds. a user dont want to know
> that detailed information during a chat and also as ubuntu is using
> sans as document font and not the ubuntu font. empathy use document
> for chats so that makes thing really look weired. I have screenshots.
> this is the bug
> report. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adium-theme-ubuntu/+bug/619932

Thanks Omer for the notification.

By looking at the patch, it seems that translations are not modified, so
from the translations side: +1


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