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El dv 05 de 11 de 2010 a les 09:24 +0100, en/na Hannie va escriure:
> Op 04-11-10 17:44, Hannie Lafeber-Dumoleyn schreef: 
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> > Subject: Re: Global glossary 
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> You wrote:
> The project can be translated as any other in Launchpad, either online
> or offline. 
> *snip*
> But it looks different to me. When I click on the Current Dutch line
> input is not possible, not even suggestions. I would have had no
> problem with handing in suggestions and let others review them.

You're right, it was my mistake. Permissions are set to Restricted,
which means "the ability to translate is unavailable for those languages
that don't have an individual or team assigned to it within the
translation group."

> I was also wondering who put the Dutch section of the glossary
> (untranslated) on the page, since there is nog Launchpad Dutch
> Translators yet.
> You wrote:
> The translation permissions are assigned to the Launchpad Translators
> translation group [1]. There is no team for Dutch in that group, so
> until there is one, you will only be able to submit translation
> suggestions. 
> *snip*
> As for the creation of a new Launchpad  Dutch Translators Team I will
> have to consult my collegues, so I will forward your mail to the
> nl-list.

Yes, I think it would make sense - this would allow everyone interested
in translating applications not directly related to Ubuntu into Dutch to
do this in Launchpad.

More info:


Btw, this applies for all languages: more and more projects are starting
to use the Launchpad Translators group to manage their translations. If
your language is not on that group, you are more than welcome to create
a team and apply for joining Launchpad Translators.


[1] https://translations.launchpad.net/+groups/launchpad-translators
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