Policy proposal: Translation team coordinator e-mail address

David Planella david.planella at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 3 12:57:12 GMT 2010

El dt 02 de 11 de 2010 a les 16:12 +0000, en/na Sveinn í Felli va
> Þann þri  2.nóv 2010 14:20, skrifaði David Planella:
> > Hi translators,
> ----
> >
> > So the question is:
> >
> >        * Should we request translation team leaders to have a visible
> >          e-mail address in Launchpad?
> >
> > And the background is:
> >
> > I believe translation team leaders should be people that are easily
> > contactable, both by the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team and by
> > other translators, and having a hidden translation address in Launchpad
> > does not make things easy. As a reminder: having a visible e-mail
> > address in Launchpad makes it only visible to other people who have
> > logged in with a valid account in Launchpad - so it's not just visible
> > to anyone.
> -----
> >
> > If the majority of you think it's a good idea, I'd propose to make it a
> > policy. To most of the translation team leaders, it will not make a
> > difference. To the few that have got a hidden e-mail address, they would
> > simply have to tick a checkbox to make it visible.
> >
> > Let me know what you think. +1/-1/comments/concerns...?
> >
> > Regards,
> > David.
> +1
> But would it be too much of a problem to program Launchpad 
> to automatically add owners/admins of translation teams into 
> a special translation-leaders group, which then could be 
> contacted all in one go ?

Thanks for the suggestion Sveinn.

However, I'm afraid that we'd then be adding more bureaucracy to the
process, apart from the fact that this feature would need to be
implemented in Launchpad. Unless someone volunteers to do this, the
Launchpad developers would not work on this due to other priorities (the
feature needs to be exactly defined, work needs to be scheduled, feature
needs to be implemented, tested and landed).

I'd much rather make use of existing features. In theory, all
translation team leaders should be subscribed to the mailing list and
should thus be notified of important announcements regarding
translations. In fact, according to the last survey's results it seems
most of them are, but even being subscribed does not mean the list is
regularly read, as some admitted.

> Anyway, an visible emai-address for logged-in people should 
> also serve other translators (for example if I need info 
> from another team leader).

Exactly, that is the second point why I believe this is important.


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